Looking for the best CBD oil for dogs? Look no further! We have researched everything there is to know about CBD. We went through dozens of companies to find the most reputable ones with best CBD oil for dogs. Check out our buyer’s guide at the bottom for additional information.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$ - High End
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 1100mg
  • Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, MCT oil, Full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD), CBG, CBN, CBDA
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for CBD Dog Health Heal – 1100 MG Full Specturm Hemp Extract (CBD) For Dogs

We love our pets like our own babies. We care for them the same way that we would care for our health. This is why when we see our pets go through morbid diseases, we want to be there for them even more.

The CBD Dog Health HEAL formulation is a targeted concoction to improve your pet’s health and well-being. This CBD oil has also shown remarkable effects to alleviate the pain from seizures, cancer, tumors, CCD, dementia, Cushing’s disease, and more.

Naturally sourced full-spectrum CBD oil is made using a CO2 extraction. The manufacturing does not use chemical solvents like butane. This makes the CBD oil safe for use with a natural blend of ingredients.

The research on CBD oil effectiveness for animals is still new. With every CBD product, there is a certain grey area. There is a chance that this product might not work for your canine. However, this CBD oil has shown miraculous effects on treating seizures, shrinking tumors and being a preventive measure.

If you have a dog that is under a lot of pain, give this CBD oil a shot. Make your four-legged friend’s life a little easier by administering the drops directly onto the gums or ear flap. This way, the CBD will directly enter the bloodstream.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Flavors: Bacon
  • Potency: 250mg
  • Ingredients: Active ingredients include Hemp oil 4.2mg per ML (derived from industrial hemp, aerial parts), inactive ingredients include Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil (derived from coconut), Salmon Flavor Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E (D-alpha Tocopherol), Natural Flavors

Our Review for Petness Bacon Drops

These CBD oil drops from Petness are beneficial to your dogs and cats if they suffer from inflammatory diseases or chronic pain. This pain relief tincture is curated for pets of all sizes, and you can use it once you consult your vet.

It comes in a 30 ml bottle and has a dropper for easy use. It contains about 4.8 mg of hemp extract per dose you administer. It is extracted from hemp and is made in the USA, so it is 100% safe and natural. It is free of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals that are harmful to your pet.

This tincture does not have any amount of THC. You can rest assured your pets are not in any form of danger. It contains a total of 250 mg of CBD in total. The dropper provided can be used to measure the dosage as you please.

The suggested dosage of this CBD oil is 2 drops for pets under 25 lbs., 3 drops for pets up to 50 lbs., and 5 drops for heavy dogs up to 75 lbs. If your pet weighs more than 20 lbs., you can increase this dose and give it an extra 2 drops per 10 lbs. of weight.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $ - Low Cost
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Flavors: Peanut Butter, Beef
  • Potency: 150mg - 600mg

Our Review for Remedi Pet CBD Essential Drops Tincture for Dogs

If you’re someone who likes to only source natural products for their dogs, then the Remedi pet CBD essential drops is a good option. You can swap out your high-calorie treats to this tasty alternative, which has a lot of health benefits for your canine.

This CBD oil has the perfect mix of active natural ingredients and the mouth-watering flavor of peanut butter. It’ll quickly be a favorite of your canine!

Having a dog that suffers from chronic pain and inflammation issues can be tough. This CBD oil can help your canine with pain-relief from bone joint issues. Remedi pet CBD essential drops is a calming formulation. It will provide adequate relief from restlessness and anxiety that most dogs suffer from.

The Remedi pet CBD essential drops concoction is high-concentrated with 1mg of CBD oil per drop. The recommended dosage for dogs is one drop every 12 hours via food, treats, or tongue. The CBD oil comes in a dropper bottle of volume 15 ml and is for dogs who are of size 5-25 lbs.

There is no guarantee that the CBD oil will work for your canine. This product will not cure or prevent any disease, rather ease the suffering of your canine. However, the medicinal benefits and recommendations of thousands of pet owners make it worth a shot.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Flavors: Lavender
  • Potency: 550mg
  • Ingredients: Lavender flavoring, CBD extracts, hemp seed oil, MCT-3 oil
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for CBD Dog Health Calm – 550 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) For Dogs With Lavender

CBD Dog Health’s CALM brand has devised this exclusive formula to cater to the CBD needs of dogs. Made with a combination of CBD extracts and CocoTherapy MCT oil, this liquid supplement promises varied benefits for your canine friend.

This oil is primarily helpful for controlling their anxiety and agitation that causes restlessness. Additionally, it can also boost their physicality while safeguarding them against health problems. Besides, it can potentially resolve any discomfort during travel or situational anxiety issues as well.

This CBD oil provides an array of nutritional content. This includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help in making the dogs’ coat shinier and smoother. Its full-spectrum CBD content includes several cannabinoids, including CBDA, CBN, CBC, and CBG. Besides, it contains only trace amounts of THC.

The Lavender flavoring is also great for those who do not like CBD oil’s overwhelming odor. More importantly, it helps in dealing with your furry friends’ allergies, ulcers, motion sickness, and other conditions. It can also induce sleep, alleviate anxiety, and enliven their mood.

CBD Dog Health produces this hemp seed oil through the CO2 extraction process to attain the utmost purity. The product is also free of any harmful chemical components. Moreover, the oil undergoes several rounds of testing to maintain the highest level of quality.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$ - High End
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 500mg
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), proprietary terpene blend, vitamin E
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for RX Remedies Organic CBD Oral Drops for Dogs

For us, our pets are no less than our babies. We love them and want everything that is best. The number one concern all pet owners have is health-related. This is why many pet owners turn to organic and natural products for a healthy alternative.

This CBD oil is a great way to help your canine deal with ailments naturally. Made with organically sourced hemp-derived CBD, RX Remedies oral drops for dogs is safe for use.

These CBD drops have shown positive results in treating inflammation and skin issues with dogs. It’s a highly concentrated formula designed to ease anxiety and pain in dogs.

The formulation is a combination of CBD and terpenes that have many medicinal benefits. With ingredients like vitamin E and MCT oil derived from coconuts, you are guaranteed a natural blend of active ingredients.

While the RX Remedies oral drops for dogs have shown considerable positive effects with dogs in the past, there’s no proof that it’ll help your canine. Recommended by pet users across the globe, CBD oil is worth a try for helping your furry friends lead a healthier life.

For maximum absorption, administer RX Remedies oral drops for dogs in one dose. You can mix a few of these drops in your canine’s favorite snack or food. You can also apply this oil topically for dogs with inflamed skin.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$ - High End
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 300mg - 750mg
  • Ingredients: Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic MCT (Fractionated Coconut) Oil, Broad-Spectrum CBD-Rich Extract
  • CBD Type: Broad Spectrum

Our Review for Health And Wellness Botanicals – Sadie’s Legacy CBD Tincture For Dogs

Caring about your pet’s health is the number one priority of all pet owners. To promote healthy activity in your dog, try CBD oil.

Sadie’s Legacy CBD Tincture for Dogs is a CBD oil that comes in 1 Oz bottle with a dropper. Designed to promote the healthy function of your dog’s daily activities, this CBD oil is safe for use.

The CBD product industry is fairly new for pets. So, there is no guarantee that the CBD oil will have the intended effects on your dog. However, the medicinal benefits of CBD make it worth a try.

Sadie’s Legacy CBD Tincture for Dogs has shown pain-relief in dogs with joint pain and a calming effect for anxious dogs. As a rule of thumb, always consult with a veterinarian before you experiment with any new products for your pet.

The formulation of Sadie’s Legacy CBD Tincture for Dogs is vegetarian and is a blend of natural ingredients. The natural flavor makes the CBD oil a perfect additive in your pet’s food. All you need to do is mix a few drops of the CBD oil in the dog’s food.

Depending on the effects and weight of your canine, you can change the dosage. This CBD oil is the organic way of dealing with common illnesses that most dogs are victims of.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 100mg - 250mg
  • Ingredients: Hemp extract, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and extra virgin coconut oil
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for Populum Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

If you’re in the market for a soothing CBD oil for pets, Populum Zen Pets Hemp oil is a great option. Formulated with plant-based ingredients and natural cannabinoids with 0% THC, this product is great for first-time pet owners looking to try out CBD oil.

This CBD oil has shown positive results to ease anxiety and restlessness that most pets have. It allows the pets to have a calm and comforting effect on the pets. If you have a pet that is suffering from joint pain like arthritis, then use Populum Zen Pets Hemp oil as a pain-reliever.

Unlike CBD products for humans, this formulation is crafted for use by felines and canines. The full-spectrum hemp extract makes sure there are plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes that will provide an entourage effect.

It’s an all-natural supplement that will improve your pet’s health and well-being. The use of CBD products is still new, and medical studies are inadequate. So, there is no proof that this product will 100% deliver for your pet. After all, every pet is unique and can have different experiences with the CBD oil.

The Populum Zen Pets Hemp oil comes in a 30 ml bottle with an attached dropper. The recommended dose will be a few drops mixed with your pet’s favorite snack or directly administer on the tongue.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$ - High End
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Flavors: Salmon
  • Potency: 500mg
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil, coconut MCT oil
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for Frontier Jackson Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture for Pets

This CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp plants and their aerial parts. The oil is completely safe for use and is great for pets of all sizes. It is 100% natural and is free of toxic materials that are usually found in plant extracts.

The product comes in a 30 ml bottle that has a dropper attached to it. The bottle contains a total of 500 mg of CBD, and each dose has around 16.6 mg per ml. It has an added salmon flavor to it, which your pet will certainly enjoy.

The oil is extracted with CO2. It is completely GMO-free and no traces of any pesticides. It contains a lot of added terpenes, vitamins, and proteins that are beneficial to your pet too. You can give it to your pets by mixing it in their foods. However, you can also give it to your pets directly for faster effect.

If your pet suffers from any prolonged illness or is going through a lot of pain, you can give CBD oil a shot. There may not be concrete proof of CBD oils working, but studies around it are very promising.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$ - High End
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 550mg
  • Ingredients: 550 mg hemp CBD oil, frankincense essential oil, turmeric, and CocoTherapy MCT-3. CBD Dog Health products are made with non-GMO hemp and are pesticide and herbicide-free. The full-spectrum extract includes a full range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and less than 0.3% THC
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for CBD Dog Health Ease – 550 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)

If you are looking for a holistic approach towards your cat’s well-being, this is a great option for you. The EASE CBD oil is a full spectrum tincture that can help relieve your pet cat’s ache and pains.

Many studies have shown positive results in pets that used CBD oil to treat chronic illnesses like arthritis. There are many benefits to using this CBD oil on your cats. One of them will certainly be to relieve them of the pain.

The tincture comes with a CBD concentration of 550 mg in a 2 oz bottle with a dropper. Among the full spectrum CBD, it also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are responsible for making your cats fur shinier and make them healthy.

You can give it to your cat by mixing it in its food and water. You can also just put a few drops directly in their mouth to make it work faster. The dosage depends on what your cat suffers from. If you want to help alleviate arthritis, allergy, and body pain, you can start with 1 ml of oil a day!

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 500mg
  • Ingredients: Active ingredients include Hemp oil 8.4mg per ML (derived from industrial hemp, aerial parts), inactive ingredients include Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil (derived from coconut)

Our Review for Petness Dog Drops

CBD oil drops from Petness are highly specific CBD drop for your pets. This variant is designed for dogs, and you can use it for all types of dogs that are of different sizes. It comes in a 30 ml bottle and has a dropper for easy use.

The oil drops are extracted from hemp and are completely natural. There is no THC in this tincture, so you are not putting your beloved pets at any risk. It contains a total of 500 mg of CBD in total, and you can regulate the amount you give your dog with the help of a dropper.

These drops are harvested from plants grown in the USA. They are free of heavy metals and other toxins that could potentially harm your dog.

The suggested dosage of this CBD oil is 2 drops for dogs under 25 lbs, 3 drops for dogs up to 50 lbs, and 5 drops for heavy dogs up to 75 lbs. You can increase the dosage if your dog is heavier than 75 lbs. too. Add 2 extra drops for every 10 lbs.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 500mg
  • Ingredients: Natural Colorado CBD Oil Extract, Organic Omega-3 Anchovy Fish Oil
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum

Our Review for 43 CBD 500mg Furry Friends Formula

This CBD oil has a unique formula that can make your pet feel relieved from pain. It is extracted from organic hemp plants and is completely safe for use by both cats and dogs. However, what sets this product apart is the addition of anchovy fish oil.

The omega-3 in this organic fish oil enhances the way CBD oil works. There are many proven benefits of omega-3 in animals and even human beings. Many newer studies also show promising results in CBD oil usage in animals.

This product comes in a 30 ml bottle or 1 fluid ounce bottle. There is a dropper made within this bottle to make it easy for you to measure the dosage. You can give this CBD oil to animals of all sizes.

Two drops of this oil are perfect for animals weighing up to 10 lbs. You can increase the dosage accordingly, depending on how much your pet weighs. The entire bottle of CBD oil contains approximately 500 mg of concentrated CBD in total.

There is no added artificial flavoring in this product, either, which makes it safe for consumption. This makes it a great CBD supplement that you can add to your pet’s daily diet!

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $ - Low Cost
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 600mg
  • Ingredients: 100% Hemp Extracted CBD, Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Our Review for Try The CBD – CBD OIL FOR PET

The Try The CBD brand oil comes in a 15 ml bottle that can be very helpful for your pets. This oil can be used for dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. It is highly concentrated, so the best way to administer this oil is by putting a few drops directly in their mouth, under their tongue.

This CBD oil is extracted from 100% organic hemp. The new formula also includes hemp seed oil, which enhances the potency of this oil. Many studies revolving around CBD oil show promising results for animals too.

If your pet suffers from chronic pain, arthritis, and other medical conditions, you can try using CBD oil for them. It is completely safe for use because it does not contain any THC. Your pet might benefit from the effects of CBD without feeling the euphoric effects of THC.

The product is highly concentrated and contains 600 mg of CBD. You can administer a lower dosage to small pets to be on the safer side. However, it is advised that you consult a vet before giving your furry friend CBD oil.

The best way to give your pet this oil is by putting a few drops in their mouth. You can put it under their tongue, so it gets absorbed readily.

5.0 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$ - Great Value
  • Third party tested? Yes
  • Potency: 600mg
  • Ingredients: MCT coconut oil, whole-plant hemp extract

Our Review for Healthworx CBD For Pets

The Petworx CBD oil for Pets is a great alternative to boost your furry friends’ health and fitness. This liquid supplement does not contain any detectable THC and serves multiple purposes for your pets’ well being. It can potentially augment their agility while strengthening their immunity and calming their behavior.

This is a non-toxic tincture with no psychoactive consequences for your four-legged friends. In addition to containing zero amount of THC, this formula is also free of toxic additives and flavorings. It is a simple mixture of CBD hemp extracts and MCT coconut oil. Besides, it also contains natural nutrients like fatty acids and antioxidants.

With this 100% organic hemp oil, you get 10 mg CBD in each serving of 5 drops. This is enough to calm down your pets’ aggression or agitation while giving them a boost of refreshed energy. Moreover, the company prescribes different dosages for different animals like cats, dogs, horses, and more.

Petworx is a unique and customized product by Healthworx to cater to animals’ health. The company extracts the hemp oil from the finest, locally grown yield. Furthermore, verified authorities check the product for quality assurance as well.

Buyer’s Guide to CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is known to procure several potential benefits for humans, all of which have been studied in research. However, it’s not just humans that CBD can help. It is a great supplement to boost health and wellbeing among dogs as well!

CBD oil for dogs is known to induce calmness, boost energy, and much more. So, if you are motivated to buy it, then read this comprehensive guide to get all the answers before you finalize your purchase.

How does CBD oil work for your dog?

There is still a lot to be discovered about the potential health benefits of CBD for humans and animals. However, the present research has offered positive signs about its promising potential.

CBD’s functioning inside a dog’s body is quite similar to that of a human. The cannabinoids interact with the animal’s endocannabinoid system to produce a plethora of effects. This includes better immunity, controlling restlessness, therapeutic benefits, and more.

All these results are a direct outcome of the reaction between the cannabinoids infused in the oil and the endocannabinoids in the dog’s body.

The speed of results can differ for different dogs. A 5 to 30 minute duration is the usual time required for CBD oil to work its magic. However, the potency, the dose, and the dog’s size are some other factors that can modify this time. 

What is the correct dosage of CBD oil for dogs?

Due to the lack of information concerning this supplement, there is no standard dosage for humans and animals. Therefore, you have to follow a trial and progress approach to determine the right dosage for your furry friends.

One factor of importance in identifying the right dose of CBD oil for dogs is your dog’s weight and size. The bigger the dog, the higher the dose. However, a 0.25 mg dose is ideal to begin the routine.

If you are absolutely clueless about what serving size to begin with, you can use an online pet dosage calculator. Besides, consulting with a veterinarian is always a good option. This is a must in case your dog already has a medical condition and takes other medicines for the same.

If at any point your dog begins to vomit or shows signs of increased sensitivity, then you have overdosed. It is best to take them to the vet at the earliest in such a scenario. 

How is CBD oil for dogs helpful?

Just like humans, CBD oil for dogs also has several promising merits for your furry pets. It is also possible that this supplement replicates the effects that you experience for your dog as well. This is because dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system as humans.

Listed below are some of the benefits that dogs can procure through CBD-infused supplements.

Pain Perception and Relief

CBD is embedded with strong anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is capable of relieving pain and inflammation that dogs experience. This can be a chronic condition or a situational one. CBD oil can potentially help in curing the pain.

More importantly, CBD does not create many negative effects. Most pain relievers come with steroids that can harm your dog’s health. On the contrary, CBD is a naturally occurring compound that does not carry any harmful elements.

Controlling Anxiety and Restlessness

Dogs can get both behavioral and situational anxiety. Loud noises, changing homes, separation from people, and many other factors can contribute to this. Sometimes, even illness can be a cause of anxiety.

CBD oil for dogs is a potent remedy for this. A few drops of this supplement can help induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. At the same time, it can help them energize and feel better with the release of certain hormones.

Healing Wounds

Studies have shown CBD’s results on fighting wounds with its antiseptic properties. Working alongside its anti-inflammatory nature, these properties facilitate a quicker recovery period for any wounds that a dog may encounter.

Furthermore, CBD oil for dogs can reduce the inflammation in the area around the wound as well. Its antibacterial properties are also helpful in eliminating the risk of infection in the wounded area.

Greater Immunity

CBD plays a pivotal role in boosting dogs’ immunity levels also. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, it can act as a potential remedy for diseases like neurodegenerative conditions, inflammatory bowel disorder, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, and more. 

In essence, it makes your dog stronger and more capable of fighting diseases. It also promotes healthy cognition and greater joint health. 

What to look for while buying CBD oil for dogs?

Pet parents cannot afford to experiment with their dogs’ health by trying out a new health supplement on them. With the wide variety of CBD products available in the market, you should be even more dedicated to research and read up before buying a CBD oil for dogs.

More importantly, it is crucial that you protect yourself (and your dogs) from illegitimate and non-certified sellers. So, here is a list of parameters that you must look for while finalizing your purchase.

CBD Ingredients

Transparency is the hallmark of a trusted brand. The number one thing that brands should be transparent about is the ingredients used in their products. So, check the list at the very start.

When looking for CBD oil for dogs, you should read the ingredients thoroughly. This is because certain components, grapeseed oil, for instance, are not suitable for dogs even though they are okay for human use.

On the label, you should also check for THC quotient and instructions for dosage.

CBD Source

Where the hemp comes from is important to determine the quality of CBD extracted from it. Hemp soaks up the soil’s components and can turn toxic or harmful if the soil contains chemicals like pesticides. 

Therefore, organically grown hemp is the most preferred source for CBD products.

Moreover, hemp cultivated in the US is even better. The soil is rich in nutrients, and this enhances the overall value of the CBD extracts.

CBD Extraction

The method of extraction of CBD from hemp is also important. More expensive and elaborate methods like CO2 extraction, are clean and produce quality results.

Solvent-based extraction methods that use alcohol, butane, or water are less secure. They are prone to adding impurities and removing useful elements from the CBD extracts.

Third-Party Tests

Since there are no FDA-approved guidelines for CBD products, manufacturers need to test their products with third-party labs. 

The presence of numerous illegitimate sellers makes it all the more crucial to look for third-party test results. Besides, these results validate the sellers’ claims on the label.

Always refer to the brand’s website to analyze these results. It will give you the authentic details about the product you are looking to buy.

Summing Up

Your dogs are precious, and they deserve the absolute best. CBD oil for dogs is capable of producing promising results for your canine friends. From boosting immunity to enhancing their mood, there are many benefits!

If you are motivated to buy one for your pet, then this exhaustive guide is all you need. You can also read our researched reviews on CBD treats for dogs