We are a team of CBD users and experts who are excited to share our experiences and reviews with the world. We strive to provide unbiased CBD product reviews for everyone. Whether you are new to CBD or have been using CBD for years, we hope that our website can enhance your CBD using experience.

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Sandra is an avid contributor to LivingBetterCBD.com. She has been using CBD for years and even gives her cats CBD. She started writing for LivingBetterCBD because she wanted to share her experience and promote the benefits of CBD. She thinks the world would be a better place is CBD was more commonly used. In her spare time, Sandra loves to read mystery novels and try new restaurants with friends in her city.


Michael is a key contributor to LivingBetterCBD.com. Michael discovered CBD while looking for a non-pharmaceutical treatment to his anxiety. CBD has helped Michael with his anxiety and pain for years. He contributes to LivingBetterCBD.com in order to tell his story and help others discover the benefits of CBD. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, photography, and taking his golden retriever on adventures.


John is the founder of LivingBetterCBD.com. John has been using CBD for years and enjoys CBD’s relaxing and pain management effects. Additionally, John’s rescued dog, Charlie, loves CBD dog treats. In their spare time, John (and Charlie) like fishing and exploring the mountains in Colorado. He hope you enjoy this site as much as he enjoyed creating it!

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