Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Funky Farms offers various CBD products in attractive varieties and flavors. Besides affordability and innovative products, Funky Farms is appreciated for its quality.

This brand employs top-notch industry practices for manufacturing its range of CBD products. Plus, it sources the CBD from organically-grown and sustainably cultivated Hemp. Their organic Hemp is obtained from licensed farmers in Northern Oregon.

All Funky Farms CBD products undergo rigorous third-party testing. Moreover, the company conducts multiple internal quality-checks to guarantee its customers the best, safest, and effective CBD products.

What’s more, this company sets an example by providing attractive discounts for specific consumers like emergency responders like doctors and policemen, teachers, military personnel, as well as students.

Essentially, the brand’s focus is to inform and educate consumers about the key benefits of pure CBD hemp oil as well as to provide them with top-quality products at reasonable prices.

Quality of Products

Funky Farms produces its products in a high-quality, GMP-compliant manufacturing facility. From the first stage of harvesting to the final packaging, the company uses the best production practices.

Funky Farms CBD is obtained from organic, non-GMO hemp that is loaded with broad or full-spectrum cannabinoids to give you the best results. Moreover, all the products bear QR codes that provide information about individual quality checks.

Recent lab reports for Funky Farms’ batch of tinctures showed non-detectable levels of THC. Moreover, their gummies and other products were within the range of 10% permitted CBD variance.

Funky Farms CBD products that contain THC too fall under the permissible legal limit of 0.3% THC. Since the variance, CBD, and THC levels are all under check, all Funky Farms offer an impressive potency and quality.

Transparency and Standards

All customers are constantly kept informed of the quality-checks conducted on each product. Plus, official third-party test results are available on the specific product page at all times for users to look up.

Funky Farms ensures complete transparency between the brand and the customers. They have also provided for a “download” feature on each of the product’s test results. So, if any customer wants to double-check the validity, they’re free to do so.

The company maintains a very high standard of business practices as all of their products are further tested for THC/CBD potencies and tests to check the presence of contaminants like metals, pesticides, solvents, or E.coli.

Cost and Types of Products

Funky Farms aims at affordability along with the highest quality. Their products fall in the price range of between $4.99 and $254.99. The company offers an array of vape-related products such as hemp-extract vape cartridges, full-spectrum vape juices, and more.

The most innovative aspect of these Funky Farms CBD products is their range of lip-smacking flavors that blend well with the CBD and take over its powerful, grassy aroma and taste. The most popular Funky Farms CBD flavors are Granddaddy Purple, Blueberry Gelato, Chocolate Mint, and Grape.

Other flavors such as Alaskan Ice, Peach Tangie, Orange Dream, Apple Jack Bear, Mango Sherbet, and Berry Mix are also loved.

Funky Farms offers a range of CBD-infused products that ensure safety, effectiveness, and quality. Here are some of the popular CBD products you can find at Funky Farms.

1.     Funky Farms CBD Powdered Drink Mixes

The Funky Farms CBD powdered-drink mixes are available in different packs. This product comes in a pack containing 25mg CBD along with the goodness of Vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C ensures better health and wellness effects for its consumers.

You can consume this mix with any drink of your choice, but it’s best had with a glass of water.

2.     Funky Farms CBD Daily Doses (Edibles)

These are the times of fast-paced lives and hectic workdays. Funky Farms CBD offers daily dose CBD products that come in multi-pack and subscription-buying options. This can be claimed along with a discount of 15% on the overall order.

These daily dose products are categorized as tinctures, capsules, gummies, and more. Plus, these are available in an exciting range of flavors and potencies.

3.     Funky Farms CBD Ready-To-Use Vape Pens

Funky Farms offers full-spectrum CBD oil vape cartridges. These ready-to-use pens include 0.5ml CBD in each 200mg pack. These are available in a pre-charged state and come in three varied flavors. Moreover, these pens are equipped with a low-battery indicator to help you manage your stocks better.

4.     Funky Farms CBD Vape Juices

Funky Farms offers CO2-extracted full-spectrum vape juices that are quality-tested and free from artificial components. They are available in potencies ranging between 250mg and 1500mg. Plus, they use 100% vegan flavors to manufacture these products.

What’s more, these vape juices are easy-to-use and fill into your vape pens.

5.     Funky Farms CBD Gummies and Gel Capsules

All Funky Farms CBD edibles like gummies and gel capsules are made using a CO2 extraction method. These are 100% vegan and available in different potencies to make the consumer’s choice wider.

These products are great for traveling purposes and available in 50mg packs with 10mg CBD contained in each gummy. You can also buy these products in bulk or using a monthly-subscription plan for added convenience.

Another perk of buying from Funky Farms is that you are automatically given a 15% sign-up bonus and other exciting discount options if you’re a frequent buyer. This way, you get access to top-notch CBD products at affordable prices.

Refund Policies and Customer Service

Funky Farms is a company that is dedicated to its customer base. The brand constantly works to provide the best customer service so that all its consumers are satisfied. The customer support team responds to queries within one working day and provides an answer to all questions.

Also, their refund policy is extremely fluid. Funky Farms comfortably refunds purchases if the consumer is not satisfied. The company offers a return/exchange/refund window of 30 days. With a tagline that reads, “No Junk. All Funk.”, Funky Farms is an epitome of reliability.

Manufacturing Process

Funky Farms manufactures premium-quality natural Hemp that is sourced from Northern Oregon farmers. These farmers are licensed, and their harvest procedure is strictly monitored and organic.

All Funky Farms CBD products are vegan, organic, and free from harmful substances like pesticides, additives, GMO, fillers, fertilizers, or artificial components. Moreover, all their products are produced using a CO2 extraction procedure while their gummies employ a reliable ethanol-extraction method.

These products are independently third-party tested before getting shipped to the customers. Most importantly, this company stands by the purity, effectiveness, and quality of its products. It provides the results of the lab tests on its websites as well as through a scannable QR-code on the label of each of its products.


Funky Farms is a reputed and reliable manufacturer of high-quality CBD products available at budget-friendly prices. Plus, this company strives to offer convenience to its customers through regular discounts and affordable subscription packages.

Overall, Funky Farms CBD products are highly appreciated by CBD users worldwide for their quality, flavor and potency variety, transparency, and effectiveness.