Erectile dysfunction affects many men all over the world. It is estimated that over 30 million Americans suffer from sexual performance issues. Improving sexual health can positively affect the general psychology of a man, as well as, maintain a healthy relationship. If you are reluctant to using prescription drugs, you might want to consider CBD. Most sexual partners dream of having a pleasurable and relaxing sex life, and CBD is a helpful cannabinoid that can do just that. CBD improves erection and sexual performance, so this can improve the overall sexual experience. In this article, we will discuss everything related to how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural component of the Cannabis plant. It is one of the two main cannabinoids, the other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the main ingredient in cannabis which causes a person to feel “high”. Cannabis plants with high THC levels are referred to as marijuana, while those with low THC are called hemp plants. So, unlike hemp, marijuana is controlled by the FDA. CBD doesn’t have the same psychotic effects as THC; in fact, studies show that it has anti-anxiety effects. Cannabinoids generally interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a part of the body’s nervous system responsible for certain physical and mental actions.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is essentially when a man cannot get or maintain an erection for the desired amount of time to enjoy sex. It is the most common sexual dysfunction, with more than 30 million American men having experienced this at some point in their lives.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

As it stands, the cause of ED remains unclear. Although significant growth has been observed in scientific research related to this, people are still misinformed regarding the causes of erectile dysfunction. One common misconception is the fact that erectile dysfunction occurs naturally as you grow older. Of course, there have been some correlations between the occurrence of ED and aging. However, other potential causes of ED have also been related to age. Another important thing to note is the relationship between viewing pornography and erectile dysfunction. A good number of studies have indicated that viewing porn does indeed affect sexual desire in men due to psychological reasons. However, this discovery doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

There is a desperate need for more research before we can fully comprehend the causes of erectile dysfunction. So far, a few physiological and psychological conditions have been linked to erectile dysfunction. And, interestingly, some studies point to the relationship CBD has with a few of these conditions.

Problems with Conventional ED drugs

Most prescription drugs for ED work by increasing the penis blood flow. The problem with these drugs is that increasing the blood flow can come with a bunch of side effects.

Another problem with prescription drugs is that they tend to focus on the symptom without addressing possible mental issues related to performance. Studies show that CBD is capable of addressing both the physical and the psychological issues that can cause ED.

How does CBD affect libido?

Let’s start by discussing how exactly CBD works in the body. CBD basically activates certain “receptors” in the body, which are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Simply put, these receptors are like “locks” which have keys to open them. Technically, CBD doesn’t “unlock” these receptors directly, but it jump-starts certain reactions which ultimately stimulate the system. This causes certain anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant effects.

The research

According to a study published in 2019, Endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors have been found in the brain, as well as the sexual organs, such as the testicles.

The available research on the effect of cannabis on sex libido is polarizing. One particular article reported that frequent cannabis use in males may decrease libido.

Conversely, another research paper reported that CBD improves libido by reducing anxiety. This was supported by a review article. However, there are currently no human trials conducted to establish how exactly CBD can be used to improve sexual desire.

As it stands, we have to rely on the testimonies of people. There’s a chance one of your friends would claim CBD worked wonders for his sex life, while another friend would express disappointment in its use. As there is no sufficient research on this matter, we can’t undeniably tell if it actually works or not.

Does CBD have other sexual benefits?

While there is very little research on other sexual benefits of CBD, there are reports on how to manage the following sexual problems.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Long before now, the plant, Cannabis sativa (the source of CBD and marijuana) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve ejaculation and sexual performance.

Certain theories exist on how CBD fights ED. One of such theories is that CBD improves blood flow to the penis, and this can lead to a better erection. Sadly, the only available studies on this effect of CBD are not specific enough. One study published in JCI insight, showed that CBD improves blood pressure. However, the arteries examined in this study were those leading to the heart and not to the groin.

Decreased lubrication

For women who experience dryness and painful sex, introducing a lubricant will go a long way in improving sexual experience. A recent study explained that the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD may be able to improve comfort during sex. Unfortunately, no studies are available on the specific use of CBD in lubricants.

Decreased sex drive

Cannabis is believed to greatly increase sex drive. A 2018 study reported that cannabis has a direct effect on the sexual arousal spot in the brain.

How to use cbd oil for erectile dysfunction, plus other CBD options

Erectile dysfunction can cause a lot of stress and depression in relationships. The good news is, there are many remedies available. Before you start using CBD for erectile dysfunction, make sure you consult your doctor. Long term use and overdose of CBD may be very dangerous.


The most common form of CBD is the pure CBD tincture. All you need to do is simply drop it in your mouth as instructed. There are two forms of CBD oils, one is the broad-spectrum CBD oil which can contain THC. Full spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, is purified CBD extract. It’s important to look up THC content in the products and your local state laws before purchasing online.

CBD Lube

CBD lube is a great option for relieving penetration pain. It won’t get you high, and, it’s basically scentless. Many women have testified that CBD lube increases sexual pleasure and ecstasy. Be careful though, it’s incompatible with latex and may cause the condom to burst.

CBD pills

CBD pills provide a more accurate dosing. Many people prefer to ingest CBD in the form of a tablet or capsules for a drug-like placebo effect.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles, like gummies, are a good alternative to people who dislike the earthy taste of CBD oil. There are many flavors and shapes of CBD gummies to choose from. It’s better if you don’t want to feel like you are undergoing treatment.

CBD Vapes

Although, many people are reluctant to using CBD vape juice it is still a viable option. If you are already a regular user, consider adding CBD to your regimen for its health benefits, as well as, to a replacement to harmful vape chemicals.

CBD Massage Oils

Topical CBD creams and lotions can provide a unique intimacy when used during foreplay for both males and females.

Some Tips When Buying CBD

Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA it’s important to buy from trusted vendors. Even products of the same type and reported dose can have a lot of differences. The best approach is to find a well-established brand and try it, then you can stick to it if you’re satisfied. Here are some tips to help you make better CBD buying decisions:

  1. Look up your local state laws before purchasing CBD products.
  2. Find the CBD products extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction as they are the purest
  3. Look up customer reviews
  4. Always look for an externally lab certified product to ensure the dosage in each product
  5. Check the expiration date on all CBD products as CBD oil expiration is a problem that many frequent users face