Irwin Naturals has been in the market for the last 26 years. The company is famously known for its all-natural and diverse products. They have a variety of Irwin Naturals CBD supplements available in the form of soft gels that are easy to consume and digest.

Their premium vitamins are specially formulated with care and attention to detail. They take pride in the honesty of their resources and the authenticity of their production. Established in 1994, Irwin Naturals CBD products continue to ameliorate their growth, customers, and product quality.

Quality of the Products

The brand has been trusted by many in the USA due to many reasons. One is their transparency since all their products are third party tested. The second is that they grow their hemp in the country itself. Their products ensure top-notch quality and they even offer a money-back guarantee if discontented.

Irwin Naturals CBD products are formulated with full-spectrum hemp extracts that ensure high potency. They are naturally occurring and do not have any harmful side effects.

The brand believes in walking the talk and hence spends abundant time carefully picking their sources and manufacturing their products. Unlike many brands that advertise on a large scale, Irwin Naturals spends more on quality assurance than baseless advertising.

Transparency and Standards

Any brand that does not openly discuss its resources cannot be fully trusted. On the purchase of a hemp product, if the company refuses to show a third party testing report, then that should be seen as a clear red flag.

Irwin Naturals takes responsibility very seriously and has a third-party lab testing for every Irwin Naturals CBD product they produce. They ensure that their products do not cross the maximum 0.3% THC line as per Federal Regulations. This further helps verify their authenticity and the potency of their products.

Cost and Types of Products

The best part about Irwin Natural CBD products is that it is highly affordable and yet does not compromise on quality. Their products start from 14 dollars and mostly fall within the 100 dollars range. They even provide free shipping for orders above 49 dollars.

They have a range of CBD products including vitamins, supplements, oils, and topical. Here is a list of Irwin Natural CBD products.

Vitamins and Supplements 

Irwin Naturals has a deluge of vitamins and supplements. From weight management soft gels to sleep and sexual health supplements, there are vitamin-rich boosters for everything. Irwin provides some really great energy and multivitamin soft gels.

Irwin Naturals have pills to encourage men’s and women’s health and being as well. Supplements for the liver improve your digestive system and boost your immunity. The brand produces products that are specific and personally handcrafted for men and women individually. For example, their Men’s Living Green Liquid Gel contains Pumpkin Seed and Saw Palmetto which is known to strengthen men’s health.

Women’s health products build up their general health and wellness and also balance their hormones. They contain ingredients that are beneficial for women’s bodies specifically. They encourage sexual wellness and keep their bodies fit. Herbal medicinal ingredients such as Maca, Ashwagandha, and Ginseng are known to enhance sexual health. 

Another way these supplements can be used is to uplift your mood and soothe your mind and body. Irwin Naturals CBD soft gels have CBD infused that spur energy.

If you are feeling low and lack concentration, there are products like the Brain Awake Red with Nitric Oxide Booster that increases blood flow in the brain and narrows your focus down to one thing. This is because it accelerates the flow of blood in your brain and increases productivity.

Other products include mind relaxing and anxiety-reducing full-spectrum vitamins and nutrients along with CBD. Amongst the many health benefits of CBD, euphoria is the most common and most looked for. These supplements help unwind at the end of tough days.

The CBD regulates receptors in your brain which further put the mind and body at ease. If you are having a tough time sleeping at night, then CBD is a healthy, safe, and effective alternative to sleeping pills.


When you incorporate CBD in your lifestyle, it enhances your mental and physical health. There are various kinds of CBD products they offer. CBD oils and Topicals are quite popular. CBD oils help calm the nerve and can be consumed daily.

There are a lot of benefits to consuming CBD, both mental and physical. They mitigate anxiety and aid those with sleep problems. It helps to accelerate your diet and appetite for which there are many soft gel pills available.

Apart from oils, there are Topicals with vitamins and minerals like omega 3, vitamin D, and iron that nourish your body and blood. CBD even helps in relieving pain and regulating mood, for which they have Irwin Natural CBD balms.

A lot of people use coffee to get rid of their laziness and feel upbeat. However, CBD is a great replacement as it does not require any effort or have unusual side effects. These soft gels are convenient to carry around and easy to swallow.

Refund Policies and Customer Service

Irwin Natural CBD products also have a 60-day refund policy. Customers can send the products back within 60 days of purchase even if they are opened or used. They just need to provide the proof of purchase with the mentioned date. However, the shipping cost is non-refundable.

Their customer service is available from 8 am to 5 pm, every Monday to Friday. They have a form on their website through which you can reach out to them. 

Why Use Their Products 

The main reason people like this brand is because of its honest and authentic service. The company focuses more on organic growth. They have gained customers mainly through word of mouth, which is the most reliable source.

The brand approaches health uniquely and innovatively. It is one of the only brands that produce liquid soft gels. A major boon of liquid soft-gels is that it enters the body more quickly than tablets which have binders. They are also easy to consume and carry around.

Irwin Nature CBD products have elite standards of quality. They are quite effective and show results within a few days of use.