If you are looking for life-enhancing, all-natural CBD oil, then Melon premium grade CBD is just for you. Melon has made this naturally occurring substance available to everyone through various eco-friendly mediums.

Are you looking to sleep better at night? Or are you tired of being tired and want to boost your energy levels? Feel like you are aging and are searching for products that will help you look and feel more youthful?

Melon can positively-impact your life with these physician-recommended products. Look no further, we provide the safest, chemical-free and most effective concentrations available coast-to-coast.

Melon’s Story

Melon’s team of professionals consists of four exceptional scientists holding varying PhD’s relevant to the CBD industry.

Jamil Hantash, the founder, is a force to be reckoned with. Coming from a science background, Jamil holds multiple PhDs. His passions don’t end there. With an impressive portfolio of a wide-array of successful businesses, Melon being his newest venture. With a clear vision focused on into the future, the drive behind Melon is rooted in the past. In 2016, he received the hard-hitting news of his father’s cancer diagnosis. The entire family suffered as they witnessed the health of the man they loved deteriorate so rapidly. He was struggling to go about his regular day, from walking, to even simply getting out of bed on the bad days.

Suddenly, there was a notable change in his state of well-being. He started to feel better, albeit bit by bit. It only became drastically noticeable when he started to enjoy taking walks in the garden with his wife and grandchildren pain-free again. He finally shared with his family his secret for the relief he was experiencing. He had been using CBD oil. Skeptical at first – due to the stigma surrounding CBD due to its alternative THC – the clear change and impact CBD made in Jamil’s father’s life was boast-worthy.

Quality of the Products

Melon products are made with 100% organically grown in the USA hemp and is non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten free and has no metals, harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Both the unflavored and flavored versions are available. 

Transparency and standards

Melon CBD products use a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to produce the highest grade CBD that has NO harsh chemicals, NO pesticides, NO metals and is non-GMO.

Depending on the product, some are best stored in the fridge; and others are best stored in a cool and dry place were the CBD product will remain at a stable temperature and humidity level.  Each product is individually labeled with this information for your convenience.

Cost and Types of Products

All of Melon’s hemp is Industrial Hemp Certified, organically grown and sourced from nutrient abundant soils in the USA to ensure a medicinally rich CBD product.

Refund Policies and Customer Service

They have a 30-day, money back guarantee for new and unopened products. Please contact their customer support team at (609) 372-4500 and you will be guided through the return process. All special order products (white labels, raw material or custom made formula) are non-refundable.

Please notify Melon within 3 days should any products arrive damaged, broken or missing any parts.

Kindly email Melon at info@meloncbd.co with pictures of the damaged products and they will send you a replacement product within five days of approval. Please allow 10 to 15 business days for approval of refund for credit to be issued.

Products Produced

Melon CBD produces 500mg up to 1000mg batches of different flavored oils, capsules, gummies, spray & topicals.


1. Melon products are tailored using only the highest purity and concentrations.

2. Each product is tailored using additional non-synthetic ingredients that enhance the functionality of the product in providing the desired effect.

3. All of their hemp is Industrial Hemp Certified, organically grown, and sourced from nutrient abundant soils in the USA to ensure a medicinally rich CBD product.

4. They use a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to produce the highest grade CBD that has NO harsh chemicals, NO pesticides, NO metals, and is non-GMO.

5. Their farms are in full compliance with the State Department of Agriculture regulations.

6. Each product has a corresponding QR code printed on the label that shows the Certificate of Analysis by the 3rd party laboratory testing company.