Sunday Scaries is an industry-leading and award-winning CBD brand focused on eradicating anxiety from everyday life. Launched in mid 2017, Sunday Scaries has always been mission-driven and focused on tackling real social issues. Most of their products have a philanthropic inspiration and are focused around a charitable cause.

Whether or not Sunday Scaries is the first CBD company you try, they will always be there with welcoming arms. They’ve helped over 75,000 happy customers and would love to offer you a home in their Squad.

Quality of the Products

Unlike most CBD companies, Sunday Scaries lab tests their products at both the raw and finished product levels to ensure consistency, quality and purity.

Now, more than ever, there are so many untrustworthy, un-established and unregulated CBD companies. Numerous, recent reports have shown that over 66% of CBD products on the market don’t contain the CBD dosing they state on the labels.

And unlike other CBD companies to import their CBD from countries like China and Spain, Sunday Scaries’ broad-spectrum CBD extract is always sourced from farms just outside Denver, CO. The farms are owned by a gentleman named Scott whose family has owned and operated the farms for decades.

Transparency and standards

Sunday Scaries has a separate domain,, where all testing information can be found. Each batch of each product is tested independently, so Sunday Scaries can ensure the best for their customers and monthly subscription members.

Cost and Types of Products

Sunday Scaries is best known for their flagship CBD gummies and oils that are enriched with coconut oil, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 to improve efficacy. Sunday Scaries is a premium brand, so their pricing may be slightly higher than their competitors.

However, they take pride in their premium sourcing and manufacturing practices, which ensures their customers are getting the highest quality products. 

Refund Policies and Customer Service

Sunday Scaries offers a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, no questions asked. Their mission is to transform an anxious nation into a chill one, so their refund process is as simple & free as sending an email or making a call.

Since the company launched, they have always offered the 100% money back guarantee, and only have a 2% refund rate.

Products Produced

Sunday Scaries primarily produces CBD gummies enriched with coconut oil, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 for easy and delicious everyday use.

They also have vegan gummies in the form of sour drops that are 100% animal-friendly. Sunday Scaries most recent launch was the YOLO Shot, which is a caffeinated CBD shot to help with daily energy, focus & mental calmness.

Why Use Their Products

Sunday Scaries doesn’t just sell CBD products; it creates a community for its users.

In addition, Sunday Scaries is focused on mission-driven initiatives focused on giving back. For example: 100% of merchandise profits are donated to Feeding America, a portion of each back of Unicorn Jerky (their CBD candy) is donated to The Trevor Project to support LGBTQ suicide prevention, and they’re currently working on special-release Strawberry gummies to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.