On a number of occasions in my life I have suffered from mild and severe anxiety. I remember my first bout with anxiety came before a large and important exam and college. I struggled to sleep, my Palms were sweaty, and I had severe headaches. I felt like I could not breathe. My second bout of anxiety came when trying to get a job. I was forced to interview with strangers, and to discuss my past strengths and weaknesses. My anxiety was mildly debilitating. And the more I thought about my anxiety, the more it came to impact my behavior and the critical outcomes in my life. Faced with multiple job rejections, a vicious cycle was created. I lost confidence, which made it harder to perform in subsequent interviews. This naturally exacerbated my anxiety, and yielded further degradations in my professional performance. My third source of anxiety derives from dating. I struggle with first dates. 

I get nervous, and stumble over my words. I judge myself, and perceive myself negatively, relative to how the other person may or may not see me. I toss and turn at night, and I’m generally a worrisome person. I don’t want to be an anxious person, and I don’t want a life debilitated by anxiety. I have tried a variety of techniques – yoga, meditation, therapy – and while these have helped none of them alone have solved or greatly mitigated my anxiety problems. I first started discussing Alternative forms of anxiety reduction with my therapist and doctor.  They advised me to experiment with CBD. At first I was skeptical, but derived the courage to do some basic research. One thing that I foundIs that CBD is both natural and non-addictive. This appeal to me, as I do not want to put synthetic chemicals into my body. After doing this basic research I was still left uncertain as to which forms of CBD I should take, and in what dosage my CBD should be consumed. Naturally I turn to the internet to do further consumer research. One site that I found and that had products and guidance that I understood easily, was Sunday Scaries.

Sunday Scaries has a number of products but I am a vegetarian and wanted any CBD products to align with my dietary restrictions. I was told that gummies were a great place to start with CBD because the dosages are easy to measure, the taste is good, the delivery is moderate, and the price is cost effective. So all-in-all it seemed like a good place to start. I started with the Vegan CBD Gummies because these gummies can deliver CBD without animal products; specifically these gummies don’t use gelatin or animal products in their production. The gummies have full spectrum CBD and vitamins included (B12 and D3 in particular).

After I started taking these gummies, I noticed that my general anxiety decreased. Roughly an hour after taking them it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from my chest. Not that my anxiety was entirely solved, but it was greatly reduced. This progress was important for me. Each bottle that I ordered had a set amount of CBD. This was also important for me because I was new to the consumption of CBD and wanted to avoid taking too much. Each bottle has 20 CBD infused gummies with 10 MG of CBD. Equally important, the product does not contain THC which is the primary ingredient that makes people high from ingesting marajuna. I liked the flavor selection and found that the gummies tasted like…candy. Easy to buy, easy to consume, and easy to see the results, I have become something of a Sunday Scaries convert. I love Vegan AF gummies and while I don’t usually write product reviews have seen enough anxiety reduction to want to share this with others. You don’t need to keep suffering – a solution exists that can help. If you are skeptical, that is ok. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it.

When deciding to buy gummies I focused on price, ease of CBD deliverability into my body (I don’t vape or smoke), the animal friendless of the product, and the simplicity of the entire process. I am open to trying other CBD products but have been happy with gummies for solving my problems.